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Shuva Israel is fortunate to host many visitors. In order to make your visit easier, we are pleased to provide the following information.


Kosher Restaurants

The following restaurants are under the supervision of the Kosher Miami. For a complete listing of kosher facilities, visit their website at










Shabbat Hospitality


Everyone is invited for a Free shabbat dinner at our Synaguge every single week


• Lodging: Should you need a hotel, we have discounted rates for the Courtyard By Marriott Miami Aventura Mall - contact 786-906-7588


• Eruv: An Eruv encircles the Shul, Email the Eruv at TBA before Shabbat for current Eruv status.


• Mikvah: The women’s mikvah is located at Netive Ezra . To make an appointment call TBA at least 24 hours in advance. The men’s mikvah is located TBA . It is open every day.

Services: For Weekday and Shabbat times please visit us online at or call the office at 786-906-7588


• Classes: Shuva Israel always has an open Beit Medrash with evening classes. 


Tue, January 25 2022 23 Shevat 5782